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What have other teachers and curriculum directors said about the benefits of the Mississippi River Teacher Resource Kit ?

The Mississippi River Activity Guide for Kids is used widely across the United States in 4th Grade Social Studies. Perfect for home-schooling parents and travelers!!   "I thought you would like to know that we have adopted the Mississippi River Teacher Resource Kit as our model for River Studies. "
-- Dr. Dean Hartmann, Iowa Rivers Curriculum Project

This would be good for any district located on any river. Wetlands, migratory pathways, wildlife and shoreline observations are not unique to life along the Mississippi River. 
--Mike Hartoonian, Social Studies  Curriculum Advisor
                                                        Wisconsin Dept. Public Instruction

The Mississippi River Guide is impressive. The student workbook is chock full of facts, enrichment activities, and it's entertaining. I read it all in one sitting just for the information it contained!
--District Social Studies Curriculum Advisor, Sparta, Wisconsin

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Our teachers love the Activity Guide because the concepts have all been digested for them. They can open the package and teach. It's easy for teachers in the lower grades to interpret to their students. The writing is perfect for my 10 year olds. I like it because it doesn't talk down to them. Older kids, through high school, can work directly from the resource books.
                ---Ann Webb, Jemicy School, Owings Mills, Md

We are a private school catering mainly to students who are dyslexic. We love the Mississippi River Resource Kit! We find the whole package is wonderfully interactive! So many opportunities for kids to "take on a role."
                --Odyssey School, Baltimore, Md 

new2a.gif (4898 bytes)The Mississippi River Teacher Resource Kit for only $82.00 includes the following:

  • Mississippi River Activity Guide Teacher Edition, Workbook and Application Notes as above
  • Three 250-page Resource Books, Volumes 1 , 2, 3 AND 4 of Discover! America's Great River Road by river author Pat Middleton (chock full of interviews, historic photos, charts and fascinating river info)
  • Poster-sized map of the entire Mississippi River valley, with river towns and history notes, also an Army Corps of Engineers brochure describing the upper river Navigational System.

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(correlated with the Activity Guide)

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Also Available! The Teacher Edition of the Mississippi River Activity Guide, with Teacher Guide incorporated is available NOW in our new 2000 edition for just $13.95! SAVE $10!!
Suggested for those who already have the DISCOVER! Resource Books

        Includes suggested classroom activities for each page of the student workbook. Includes references to
additional resources
with the poster-sized
. Loose leaf pages for easy classroom copying.

It is illegal to copy workbook pages unless you have purchased this specially licensed Teacher Edition!


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