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Click here for Details on ALL FOUR DISCOVER! Guidebooks Planning a Trip along the Mississippi River??

Click on Details  to see the #1 Guidebooks to Mississippi River Heritage and Natural History, Volumes 1-4 of
DISCOVER! America's Great River Road, by river author Pat Middleton

for both road and river voyages, 
Memphis to the Gulf!
Vol 4, DISCOVER! America's Great River Road
Price: $19.95

Details on ALL FOUR Discover! Guides 

The River Companion
by Karen "Toots" Maloy
This practical guide by Riverlorian, Karen "Toots" Maloy explains a variety of river terms and navigation aids of interest to the Mississippi River boater. Buoys & Daymarks, Tows, Wing Dams, Channel Maintenance and Locks & Dams are just a few of the topics covered.

The River Companion by Karen "Toots" Maloy
Price: $8.95

Wild River, Wooden Boats
by Mike Gillespie
True Stories of Steamboating on the Missouri River
from one of our favorite authors!

Dozens of historic photos, charts, maps and Illustrations.

Look for Mike on the Mississippi Queen this summer where he will be serving as a Discovery Guide!

Wild River Wooden Boats
Price: $15.95

Come Hell or High Water
by Michael Gillespie
A Lively History of Steamboating...  with a delightful and informative anthology of accounts from steamboat passengers, crews and journalists of the 19th century. Personal accounts of all aspects of steamboat travel from the development and construction of vessels, to steamboat races, accidents and the pleasures of Mississippi & Ohio river travel.

Come Hell or High Water
Price: $24.95

One Man and the Mighty Mississippi
by Capt. Norman Hillman
Captain Norman Hillman recounts his 60-year adventure as a professional riverboat pilot on America's Great Rivers.

One Man and the Mighty Mississippi by Norman Hillman
Price: $22.95


Bluffs to Bayous by
PADDLERS! Seasoned kayaker, Byron Curtis, details his 62-day journey on the Mississippi and Atchafallaya Basin. Includes daily notes, distances, gear list and more!

From Bluffs to Bayous
Price: $22.95

Brewed with Style, The Story of the "House of Heileman"
Whatever happened to Heileman Brewing of La Crosse, Wisconsin?!! This new 288-page book traces the history of G. Heileman Brewing from its humble beginnings to the saga of the company's fall from grace in the 1990s. A complete history of the company, its products, and the people who shaped it. Many historical photos.

Brewed with Style...Hardcover Edition
Price: $36.00


The Road of Souls by Nick Lichter
Nick's story is as magical as the Mississippi River... a travelogue... a collection of stories... and souls, that inhabit the river.

The Road of Souls by Nick Lichter
Price: $19.95

DVD: At the Water's Edge, Majestic Steamboats with Nick Clooney
Planning a River Cruise?

New River Boatin' DVD features a look backward at river boating history AND shares the experience of a Delta Queen Steamboat Cruise.

At the Water's Edge, Majestic Steamboats with Nick Clooney
Price: $22.95


Mississippi River Activity Guide for Kids, with Teacher Notes
 by Pat Middleton
See Testimonials and our Complete RESOURCE KIT
"The Mississippi River Guide for Kids is impressive. The student workbook is chock full of facts, enrichment activities, and it's entertaining. I read it all in one sitting just for the information it contained! Outstanding for teachers and homeschooling parents."
--District Social Studies Curriculum Advisor, Sparta, Wisconsin

The Mississippi River Activity Guide for Kids by Pat Middleton
Price: $13.95

Frameable Steamboat Sketches

Click her to see options 

Framable sketches of 20+ historic riverboats.
to choose your option.  $19.00 each

Farmable Steamboat Sketches with Foam Board
Price: $19.95



Marina and Harboar Amenities Listing
Vital marina contact information... where to find recreational fuel, contact info, amenities information, river mile location and more for the entire Mississippi River, the Illinois, AND the Ohio. Do not cruise the lower Mississippi River without this harbor list!

Marina and Amenities Listing
Price: $15.00


Poster-sized Travel Map for the Great River Road

Simple map includes a sentence about each town. Not a road or river map, but it does contain the entire Mississippi River Valley on one side of the map. That is not easy to find! Great for pinpointing your location as you use the Discover! Guidebooks or the River Charts.

Mississippi River and Great River Road Travel Map
Price: $6.95


Mississippi and Illinois River Charts
Vital contact information, amenities information, river mile location and more for the Mississippi and Illinois  Rivers.  Please click DETAILS to see specific chart availability and pricing.

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"We just traveled 5829 miles along the Mississippi River; from Baton Rouge, LA to Lake Itasca, MN up the west side of the river and back down to Interstate 80 on the east side. Your DISCOVER! guidebooks are wonderful. We are going back next year to go the rest of the way to the end in the Gulf of Mexico. Thanks!"    ~ Faith Overholt

Louisiana is starting to recover from the shock of Katrina... an excellent opportunity to explore the REST of rural Louisiana! We recommend Vol 4 of DISCOVER! America's Great River Road by Pat Middleton!

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What's new this month...!
With February, Louisiana promises cooler temps and less humidity than is seen during the summer. Vol 4 of Discover! America's Great River Road provides all the insights you need to explore the Mississippi River Delta.
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