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Our Newest Discover! Guide is Available NOW!

Volume 3, St. Louis to Memphis!

by Pat Middleton

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Maps, charts, river access points, waysides, public trails, campgrounds, B&Bs, historical and geological background, Insight Interviews.    Click Here for reader comments!

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256 pages

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With the completion of the new Volume 3, St. Louis to Memphis, of Discover! America’s Great River Road, travel author Pat Middleton has explored—and shared with her readers—more than 1000 miles along the Mississippi River and the Great River Road. She presents the heritage of the river and villages, the lives of the residents and the rich natural history of the region in a comprehensive, lyrical narrative; sharing her down-to-earth fascination and interest in the towns and countryside of the Lower Mississippi River Valley.

  Her previous volumes (the Upper and Middle Mississippi, and the Mississippi River Activity Guide for Kids) are used as resources in schools and libraries across the nation. With the development of the Mississippi River Home Page on the World Wide Web, Pat Middleton has become a resource to schools and travelers around the globe.

  Residents and travelers, alike, can appreciate such special Insight Features as the Flood of 1993, Sunflowers in Illinois, Life with a Baby Beaver, Tales from the Old Fort, and geological explanations of "lost hills," rock outcroppings, and the migration of river islands. Observations from travelers in the 18th century, and stories of Pat’s own travels add depth and meaning which transforms a river trip into a visit filled with a sense of warm recognition. A great gift for the river buff in your family!


What We're Hearing:

"Where have you been?? I've searched everywhere for this kind of Mississippi River resource for my classroom. I LOVE this book! Send me a copy of every other book you have!"
--Enterprise, MS

"I was blown away by the incredible detail and the depth of the resources used in compiling this book."
--Karen Binder, Carbondale, IL

"Congratulations on a significant publication for local history and tourism."
--N.L. Trubowitz, PhD, Mastodon State Historic Site, Imperial, MO

"Pat, I met you last sat. at Borders in Memphis. I am much impressed with your Volume 3 of DISCOVER! AMERICA's GREAT RIVER ROAD. I can't wait to get out and explore some of the places that you wrote about.

I liked the info on Cape Giraudeau. I may talk my husband into going this weekend. Thanks for the great book on the great river road. I have a friend at work that is interested too."
~jeanne sigler

and from the Southern Illinoisan

"Volume 3 of DISCOVER! AMERICA's GREAT RIVER ROAD is chock full of adventures through Randolph County's French Colonial district, south through the Shawnee Hills and Cache River areas before spilling into Cairo's historical streets.

"Volume 3 is intended to be a handbook for out-of-area travelers navigating through unknown territories OR for those wanting to rekindle their interests in their own backyard. The book lends itself to reading aloud in the car while en route.

"Middleton equally emphasizes the region's cultural history and natural history, accented with interviews with colorful local personalities. Pat goes so far as to include the proper pronunciation of Cairo (CARE-O) and a graphic explanatin of how a levee fails during flooding and her first experience meeting a rattlesnake along a Trail of Tears State Forest trail.

"The thing about the river is you can put your hand on a Mississipian Indian mound or on the brick corner of the office of Ulysses S. Grant. Lewis and Clark are here. Tom Sawyer. The Flood of 1993. It's all there, Middleton said."

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Discover! is also available at many better giftshops along the Great River Road.

Southern Illinois: Corner George Inn (Maeystown), Maison du Rocher (Prairie du Rocher), The Peterstown House and Wightman Pharmacy in Waterloo, Back Alley Antiques and Spinach Can Collectibles in Chester, and the Alto Pass Winery in Alto Pass.

Paducah, Kentucky: Hoopers Outdoor Store, The Book Cellar, the Kapoke Tree Bookstore, Waldenbooks, and the American Quilt Museum Gift Shop.

St. Louis, MO: Check the bookstores, St. Louis Stuff Gift Shop, Swiss Village Books, and the Jefferson Memorial Arch Bookstore.

Southeast Missouri: The Great River Visitor Center, Southern Hotel, St. Gemme's Inn at Ste. Genevieve; Bookstores and Judith Anne's Giftshop in Cape Girardeau; Dogwood Giftshop in Charleston, the East Prairie Museum in East Prairie, and The New Madrid Museum in New Madrid.

Tennessee: Borders and other bookstores in Memphis.

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