Discover! America's Great River Road, Reader Comments

What have other teachers and curriculum directors said about the benefits of the Mississippi River Activity Guide and Resource Kit ?

I thought you would like to know that we have adopted the Mississippi River Resource Kit as our model for River Studies.
Dr. Dean Hartmann, Iowa Rivers Curriculum Project

This would be good for any district located on any river. Wetlands, migratory pathways, wildlife and shoreline observations are not unique to life along the Mississippi River. --Mike Hartoonian, Social Studies Curriculum Advisor
Wisconsin Dept. Public Instruction

It's impressive. The student workbook is chock full of facts, enrichment activities, and it's entertaining. I read it all in one sitting just for the information it contained!
--District Social Studies Curriculum Advisor

Our teachers love it because the concepts have all been digested for them. They can open the package and teach. It's easy for teachers in the lower grades to interpret to their students. The writing is perfect for my 10 year olds. I like it because it doesn't talk down to them. Older kids, through high school, can work directly from the resource books.
Ann Webb, Jemicy School, Owings Mills, Md

We are a private school catering mainly to students who are dyslexic. We love the Mississippi River Resource Kit! We find the whole package is wonderfully interactive! So many opportunities for kids to "take on a role."
--Odyssey School, Baltimore, Md

What Readers have said about
Discover! America's Great River Road

I did a number of shows in the Valley, from Red Wing to La Crosse, and always wanted to stop the bus and look around, and now, thanks to Pat Middleton's guide, I can. Reading it makes me feel I'm riding home, cruising north on the old Burlington Zephyr.

That stretch is one of the loveliest places in America and Pat deserves a big cheer for mapping it out for us and giving good directions.
Garrison Keillor, author, and host of public radio's, A Prairie Home Companion

The beauty of the Great River Road lies in traveling slowly; stopping to absorb the view, visiting a fish market, chatting with locals at the cafe. It is our Rhine River, an Everglades of the North, with a national treasure of eagles, wildlife and migrating waterfowl. It is "little Italy," Norwegian spoken in the street, and elegant paddlewheelers.

My hope is that this book will cause you to pause for a moment to enjoy an area bounded by, nurtured by, and challenged by a great river. For in the end -- whether Indian, fur trader, adventurer, immigrant, visitor or farmer -- we are all travelers. Only the bluffs and the river are here to stay.

--Pat Middleton, Author, Discover! America's Great River Road

Dear Ms. Middleton: I've travelled the Great River Road using your wonderful book as my guide six times since the end of last October. The Wisconsin and Minnesota towns are unique and beautiful. I would happily move to Wabasha, Minnesota. I've found all the points of interest along Wisconsin Route 35 and U.S. Route 61 because of your book. During the winter months, we Christmas shopped in Red Wing in December, attended St. Paul's Winter Carnival in January, and Wabasha's Grumpier Old Men Festival in February. We always stay at Anderson House in Wabasha - I love this town and the hotel has cats! Their food is very good.

You mention the Kruger State Hardwood Forest in your book. Yes, the hiking trails are very good trails. Also, my husband and I cross- country skiied there during our January trip. Also, off Highway 61 between Winona and Wabasha is Whitewater State Park. This park is quite large, located in the bluffs, and one can hike there all day. The campsites are situated great. The park is very clean. We also took our bicycles with us during our last trip. The Cannon Valley Trail, which runs between Red Wing and Cannon Falls, MN is an excellent trail for biking, hiking, etc. And I read that cross-country skiing is permitted during the winter months. The trail is absolutely beautiful; it follows the Cannon River.

I am looking forward to your updated version of Volume I. Thank you so much for introducing this wonderul and affordable area of the midwest. Carol Picciolo, Rockport, Illinois

"...beautifully done - very interesting."
Howard Mead, publisher, Wisconsin Trails Magazine

This book is must reading! Pat Middleton has done super writing and research. The book is impossible to lay down for the information it contains.
Orville "Porky" Meyers, long time host of radio and televsion programs,
Along the Outdoor Trails

Pat has done her homework very well.
Tom Klein, publisher and author, Northword, Inc and Heartland Press

I just read Discover! America's Great River Road and I am so homesick! I have to write and order one for my neighbor who is from new Albin, Iowa.
--Washington State Reader

You opened up a whole new world for me and I appreciate that.
--Reader, Duluth, MN

I loved your book and have two friends who simply must have it!
--Reader, WI

These two novel-like travel guides are easy to read and hard to put down. Written with a sense of historical revelance, appreciation of the scenic beauty and with the love of the journey itself, it was a pleasure to travel the river and its roads while on my living room settee. Can't wait to get into our RV this summer and just do it!
--Jeanne Hopson, WI

I am planning an expedition along the Mississippi River and have found Pat Middleton's
Volume I to be invaluable. Please send Volume 2. Is there also a Volume 3?
--Reader from Great Britain

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