Introducing Lisa Middleton Maps


Click here to see and order all of our historic map paintings by Map Artist, Lisa Middleton…. International, Mississippi River Valley, Historic Northwest, and more!  Use the SEARCH BOX to find specific dates, regions, cartographers, and more!

Or visit and explore our beautiful custom map art on ETSY! Find Lisa’s own Shopping Cart here, or on HERE !  Lisa’s Art has generated nearly 2000 FIVE STAR ratings from a nationwide audience. What a meaningful souvenir or gift to commemorate a great destination in your life!!

Have a favorite Travel Destination? Travel and Wall Art have always made a great combination!     If there’s a place you LOVE, Lisa has a custom map available… or you can commission it!

Sign up for Lisa’s newsletter to stay up to date with the newest releases of Hand-painted Historic River maps by clicking here Lisa’s newsy map blog,   Gosh, better yet sign up for a FREE map HERE!

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2 thoughts on “Introducing Lisa Middleton Maps

  1. I bought a hand-painted historic map of the Mississippi River in Winona, MN, a few months ago and am wondering if you have frames to purchase for them as they are an odd size. Or refer me elsewhere for such. Thanks. SS

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