Eagle Report from Prairie du Chien…Pelicans too!

Thank you, Dennis, for a great report on where to see eagles in PDC!

Last evening there were over 200 Bald Eagles roosting in the normal
migration roost site near the Barn Restaurant north of Prairie du Chien
on Cty Rd K.  This roost is in the tree line west of the dry docked tow
boat south of the restaurant.  Very little open water was present for
feeding activity.  The small spring and open water at the Winneshiek
Marina had 12 White Pelicans that were feeding on the few dead shad seen
floating at that location. With the expected rise in the Mississippi
River water level, because of rain and snow melt, open water should be
present around the edges of Gremore Lake.  The water level was at 9.5
feet Wed. This morning it is at 11 feet and is expected to go to 17 feet
by Tues or Wed.  Water goes over the Ambro Road on the north side of
Gremore Lake at 13.4 feet.  With that amount and volume of water river
ice will be moved, or at least raised .  More open water where eagles
can feed on dead shad will be present.   Other sloughs in and around
Prairie du Chien are starting to open as well.  If the eagles and
pelicans move to Gremore Lake as they have in the past the best location
to see the birds is from the riverside parking lot of the Crooked Oar
Bar and Restaurant.  In the past 3 years over 500 eagles were seen on
and near Gremore Lake during the migration stop over they make during

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