Ibis and Other Birding Oddities This Spring

Dan Jackson, who probably hears and sees every bird to pass through the Coulee Region has a reported several oddities of interest. Most recently (about May 16) he reported seeing this “white-faced ibis!!”  His comments follow:

“The White-faced Ibis that was first seen about a week ago is still hanging out in the Halfway Creek Marsh.  This marsh is on the north side of county ZN about ½ mile west of Midway and between Midway and the Visitor’s Center of the La Crosse District of the Upper Mississippi River NWR.  This is west of Hwy 35 and County ZN can be reached by exiting on OT from that road.  In Midway, take ZN to the west and watch for the small parking area on the right (north) side of the road after you go around a major corner.  This is east of the RR tracks.”

Image result   WHITE-FACED IBIS

Another interesting report was of the WHITE ROBIN Dan photographed this spring, which I cropped to show here!     Dan has been posting his sightings at https://www.freelists.org/list/wisbirdn

White Robin

White Robin

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