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Waterfowl are "repositioning" on the Upper Mississippi River: pelicans can again be seen gathering up on the seed islands north of Stoddard, and the first of the Tundra Swans have already been spotted near Brownsville, Minnesota. Over the next few weeks, THOUSANDS of Swans will be resting on the Upper Mississippi River in pools 8 and 7.   Hummers and Sandhill Cranes have departed for warmer climes. Our EAGLE PAGES are becoming some of the most popular, and fishing is often at its best in early November.

Our popular Mississippi River FISHING REPORT now includes DAILY automatic fishing news UPDATES!


Visit our PRESSROOM! Author Pat Middleton has followed the Mississippi, and guided the curious traveler since 1985! Click on the photo to see story in AMERICAN PROFILE Magazine.

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While fierce winds have blown away much of the color on pools 8 and northward, the fall color peaks continue to shift southward. Click Here to contact any of the Mississippi River border states for information as the Fall Color season progresses.

Need another good reason to 'hit the Great River Road?"
Wineries along the Great River Road will be celebrating one of the best grape harvests in the valley this year. We offer a list of Great River Road Wineries HERE. To visit the "original" German wine trail, share in our visit to Hermann, Missouri HERE.


WATERWAY CRUISE REPORT: Cruising the Galapagos Islands on the Galapagos EVOLUTION!

If you have been considering a small boat cruise of the Galapagos Islands, there have been several recent developments that make the remainder of 2011 prime time for this destination. Visit our newest Waterway Cruise Report for details and recommendations for visiting Ecuador!

This is the time of year when Irish Fests are making the rounds of the Mississippi River Valley and thoughts of visiting Dublin, or cruising on the SHANNON RIVER begin to percolate! Click links for our travel reports.


The AMERICAN QUEEN IS BACK and will begin cruising in 2012! Visit our Waterway Cruise Reports for more info! 

A new book release by Karen "Toots" Maloy, the veteran Riverlorian of the Delta Queen Steamboat Company. 

To my mind, "Toots" was the face of the riverboats for some 35 years. With this memoir, she serves as our eyes, ears, and heart as she participates in the last cruise of the Delta Queen on its way to Tennessee.

$7.00 Limited Offer! Available in our bookstore!

54 pages, 8 pages of color photos




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Falling Leaves expose landslides and mudflows from August '07

What happens when Mississippi River bluffs throw boulders as big as a house? You may be interested in the story behind the "Rock in the House", When Bluffs Throw Boulders  or The Flood of 1993

11-15" overnight rainfall along the Upper Mississippi River in August '07 is now described as a 1000-year rainfall which turned clay and silt covering the bluffs into gelatin.  Click to See complete story and summary.




Birding in Panama

Over 31 cruise destinations are detailed in our WATERWAY CRUISE REPORTS and TRAVEL FEATURES. Not only have we been traveling and reporting on traveling the Mississippi River for 23 years, but we have concurrently been exploring many of the world's great travel destinations... and many you've never heard of!

Stunning photographs of international waterways are included in our
professional Great River photo gallery.  Other galleries offer detailed photos of vistas, quality note cards, antique maps and other river art.

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The Official Home Page for Mississippi River Travel: Discover! the heritage and natural history of the Mississippi River and America's Great River Road The Official Home Page for Mississippi River Travel: Discover! the heritage and natural history of the Mississippi River and America's Great River Road