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The American Queen heads south after a fall season on the Upper Mississippi River! Photo by Richard Middleton

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Fall Color is PEAKING on the Upper Mississippi River,
Click on
CURRENT COLOR REPORTS for Specific Locations!

I am just back from a beautiful three weeks of cruising with the American Queen between St. Paul and St. Louis. Fall color should peak on the bluffs of the Upper Mississippi River for the October 18th week. Lots of Sunshine predicted, so plan to hit America's Great River Road! Click here for CURRENT COLOR REPORTS.

Out on the Mississippi River, we noticed an increasing abundance of American Bald Eagles each week. While my favorite stretches are from Lansing to Red Wing, truly we saw eagles all the way to Alton, Illinois. Noticeably more ADULTS than Juveniles. Not sure why that was. Has anyone else noticed that? Please comment in our RAMBLIN' ON Blog!


New Waterway Cruise Report: Cruising the Seine River! Honfleur to Paris, France!

The Seine Princess, photo by Richard L. Middleton

We have several stories posted online about our summer cruise from Honfleur at the mouth of the Seine River on the English Channel to Paris. It was a beautiful cruise with many similarities to our cruises on the Mississippi River... and many grand difference! We hope you enjoy our stories of visiting the WWII landing beaches in Normandy and our cruise with CroisiEurope, one of the largest cruise lines in Europe. Visit our Waterway Cruise Report by clicking HERE. Explore our RAMBLIN' ON Blog for short stories of interesting discoveries!

“Old Abe” participated in D-day landings via America’s 101st Airborne Division

Whenever we travel around the world, I love keeping an eye out for “things Mississippi River.” We recently participated in the 70th anniversary of the D-day landings on the beaches of Normandy France.Screaming Eagle

Among the Americans landing at Omaha Beach were the 101st Airborne Division whose logo is Wisconsin’s own “Old Abe” the eagle! We saw the “Screaming Eagle” displayed on hats, uniforms and even a French storefront!

Read more about OLD ABE! Please visit our RAMBLIN' BLOG for frequently updated reports about EVERYTHING Mississippi!!


A New Map of Lake Pepin by Lisa Middleton ... Order Today!

This fine art print of A New Map of Lake Pepin features named islands and sloughs and is both geographical and historical in nature. Landmarks visible to those cruising on both road and river are marked from Wabasha to Red Wing. Approx. 36" long, beautiful when framed. You may study a large high-resolution image by visiting our ART GALLERY HERE.

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We are pleased to announce that our Historic Maps are now displayed and available for purchase at these quality venues along the Mississippi River. Please do visit.

Abode: Design for the Home
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"The Cartographer draws the map. The artist makes it beautiful." ... Quote from the Vatican collection of ancient maps.


3/17/2014 Sandhill Cranes are BACK! Welcome SPRING!

Hurrah, though it’s been cold as the dickens again, the calls of the SANDHILL CRANES and Canada Geese are filling the valley again. It could be in the high 40s tomorrow, so WELCOME friends!

The river is opening up in places so some of our Eagles are moving north. Saw a group of 12 American Bald Eagles, all ADULTS, lazing overhead the other day. They were low enough that I could hear them “chittering” sociably among themselves. It's the first time I've seen so many adult eagles moving together!

Our summer Eagles are on their nests, and I have been enjoying watching the Decorah Eagles again on USTREAM. Check this link… http://www.ustream.tv/decoraheagles

Also just had a comment that American White Pelicans have been seen near La Crosse, Wisconsin, so yes, SPRING is here!




One of our most memorable small boat cruises in Fascinating IRELAND!

Armchair travelers will enjoy our extensive library of  travel photos!







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Whether you are looking for a story-teller at the bow of your boat, or a "friend on the road," there is one guide to the heritage and natural history of the Mississippi River Valley that has been recommended by readers, national media, and libraries across the county:

"Discover! America's Great River Road, in four volumes,  is a terrific guide for those who relish boating, fishing, or cruising on land along the Mississippi River." ~BOOKLIST MAGAZINE, American Library Association review

If your winter travels include Memphis to the Gulf of Mexico, let us recommend:
Volume 4, DISCOVER! America's Great River Road,  MEMPHIS TO THE GULF
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