On Tundra Swans, Pelicans, Golden Eagles!

We don’t talk a lot about Golden Eagles on www.greatriver.com, because they really are few and far between! But I’ve heard twice now since duck hunting started on the Upper River that they’ve been seen by hunters. They are not black and white like adult Bald Eagles, and they are not mottled as many juvenile bald eagles¬†are… look for the Golden ruff on and below the neck. Let us know if you see them.

Tundra swans are being seen in very small numbers, mostly passing by north of Genoa, Wis. and Brownsville, Mn. These are largely the bachelor swans. Family groups will arrive some time in November, just ahead of ice formation on the river.  More at www.greatriver.com/swan.htm

American White Pelicans are still clustering in quiet backwaters. Last year we had an overlap of pelicans and tundra swans in November. More at www.greatriver.com/pelican.htm

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