River Transitions

The seed islands north of Stoddard have been crowded this week with pelicans gathering for the trip south. With November just around the corner, and our first frosts already in the air, it’s time to start watching for Tundra Swans! I heard from Al Stankevitz that he has seen a very few towards the center of the pool at Brownsville, Mn. So be on the lookout for the long white necks of the Tundra Swans. In a few more weeks we should have many thousands!!

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18 thoughts on “River Transitions

  1. Falling leaves this year have revealed more huge EAGLE NESTS along the Upper Mississippi River than I have ever seen! Between Winona and La Crosse, yesterday, we spotted 6-7 at regular intervals. This is a great time to spot the nest you want to watch for nesting activity early next spring. Some of the nests still had adult birds hanging about.

  2. Getting quite a few questions on Eagles as November comes to a close. I do believe some of the Canada eagles are moving south, but weather is still mild on the Upper Mississippi River.

    With Eagle viewing that is second only to Alaska, we can expect huge clusters, sometimes hundreds of birds in trees above open water… but they are widely dispersed until the river freezes.

    Best eagle viewing begins AFTER the Tundra Swans leave, as they tend to leave just in front of the really freezing weather.

    So stay in touch at http://www.greatriver.com and we’ll let you know as the season progresses. ~ Pat

  3. This week end in Clarksville Missouri is Eagle Days an educational program hosted by the Missouri Department of Conservation. On Tuesday I counted 59 eagles from the Visitor Center in Clarksville. Clarksville was the first hosting site for the Eagle Days program starting back in ;the early 80’s when there were no nesting pairs in the state. Now there are between 100 to 200 nest in the state of Missouri. I hope everyone gets a chance to come see the eagles.

  4. Saw about 30 American White Pelicans on the Colorado River near Columbus, Tx. Been seeing them everyday for a week off my patio which overlooks the river.

  5. Have seen many white (pelicans) birds around the wabasha area this year in April. I haven’t seen them before and especially in very large numbers like I have this year. I read about them to see what they are and they are definately pelicans. They have Humps on their beaks so I figured out they may be Breading Pairs. Interesting. Just thought I’d share… ANOTHER GREAT REASON TO LIVE ON THE MIGHTY OL MISS..

  6. Coy, thank you! yes, pelicans were abundant right along with the swans. The Pelicans tend to “clump up” in “mobs”, while the swans are more spread out. Without binoculars, the long neck of the swan is diagnostic for viewers.

  7. Spotted approximately 12 pelicans flying over the Mississippi in LaCrosse, WI, last evening. Is this too early?

  8. Holly, I’ve been keeping an eye out for Pelicans. I’ll do a search here on the blog to see when they came in last year. The come in pretty close behind the Canada Geese and Sandhill Cranes, normally. Hearing both Sandhills and Canada Geese in the valleys now.

  9. Spotted a large group of American Pelicans on a pond in Lake Elmo Park Preserve today. This is in Washington County, MN, east of the twin cities almost to Wisconsin. They were a large group and were feeding. Went back after dinner and they were gone. no camera. Dang! Also saw a Great Blue Heron.

  10. Spotted a large group of Pelicans feeding in a pond in Lake Elmo Park Preserve in Washington County, MN, east of the twin cities almost to Wisconsin. No camera, darn! Also a Great Blue Heron.

  11. Walking along the river road in Brooklyn Park Minnesota I saw a white pelican on the Mississippi River near the coon rapids dam . It was alone and I first thought of it as a swan but upon closer look it truly was a white pelican
    4/22/2018 at 1:15 pm

  12. I saw about 30 American Pelicans testing on a sandy island in the Mississippi just South of the Winnibigoshish Dam in Northern Minnesota.
    Thank you for this site. I had no idea there were Pelicans in Minnesota.

  13. White pelicans have been at Two Rivers Marina in Rockport IL for around three weeks. What a treat as I had never seen them there before. Eagles are there intermittently each year.

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